To the Editor:

I have recently begun to intently follow the issues arising regarding the Beaufort County School District and its Board of Education. Upon attending two recent meetings and closely following public comments on social media, including this very publication, I have begun to listen to the voice of Mr. John Dowling.

It is my observation, after learning of Mr. Dowling’s background and his decades of experience serving as a board member in Massachusetts and a trainer of boards in the state of Massachusetts, that he possesses not only the experience required to fill the vacant seat for Zone 6, which includes communities such as Berkeley Hall, Eagle’s Pointe, Oldfield and Sun City, but he also possesses the beliefs and characteristics that are the backbone of any elected official who is meant to represent the voice of the people. He stands for transparency, accountability and healthy debate, all characteristics which, in my opinion, would make him an excellent addition to the Board of Education.

I urge others, particularly the voters located in Zone 6, to encourage Mr. Dowling to run in the special election being held Oct. 17.

Jennifer Wallace


To the Editor:

BackPack Buddies of Bluffton would like to congratulate Jeff Lobb on the recent Grand Opening of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop at 6 Promenade St. in Old Town Bluffton. It was a wonderful day crowded with many happy people eating delicious ice cream.

Ben and Jerry’s also made it a very special day for BackPack Buddies of Bluffton, as they celebrated our mission of feeding chronically hungry children and presented us with an amazing donation of $2,000.

We sincerely thank Ben and Jerry’s for being such a good neighbor and for already “giving back” to the community. Their very generous gift will help us to continue to serve over 600 children during the 2017-2018 school year.

Sue and Ken Kroupa


BackPack Buddies of Bluffton