To the Editor:

During the last nine months, a recent letter writer has apparently been viewing a totally different Beaufort County School Board and School District Superintendent Jeffrey Moss than I have.

I don’t believe there is any objective evidence that the board deserves an award. And I certainly wouldn’t agree that the board has “watched to see that Moss is directing his work towards the goals they set out for him.”

As expressed by many people, the conduct and actions of the superintendent have been extremely self-serving. And, to add insult to injury, a majority of the board has continued to protect him, not publicly condemn his actions and, in fact, has rewarded him for these actions.

In my opinion, the majority of the board has been highly dysfunctional, also self-serving, and not interested in the complete facts seeing the light of day.

So, rather than the board or Superintendent Moss deserving an award, they need to continuously hear the public complaints about their performances. And it should be highly understandable why the numerous critics might, at this point, be “angry citizens.”

We are only interested in a Board and superintendent who demonstrate by their actions that they are 100 percent committed to superior education for all of the student in Beaufort County.

And, in my opinion, that hasn’t been the case.

Michael F. Vezeau