To the Editor:

I always find it very interesting and amusing when public figures make ignorant comments and then blame the media for the disparaging remarks made by the public about the comment.

The most recent example is Beaufort County School Board member Evva Anderson’s statement “If anyone in this room believes that someone driving an RV is not a pedophile or a criminal – I’m not saying they all are – but pedophiles like to hide out in RV parks and places like that.”

She now says the media has “…misrepresented her words and intentions ‘just to draw interest'” and asks the recipients of her e-mail “…to be the judge if the intent was to slam RV owners…” Fortunate for us in the public and unfortunate for her, only she knows what her actual intent was in using the words she did. We can only assume she meant exactly what the words she chose conveyed.

In my opinion, her intent was to attempt to put a scare into the public with words which had no basis in fact. If her intent was otherwise, I would think she would have chosen other words.

Only Evva Anderson is to blame for any “public flogging” she has received as a result of her statement. She needs to take full responsibility for the words and for any aftermath they caused. The media only printed what she said. Where exactly is the media misrepresentation?

Michael F. Vezeau


To the Editor:

Donald Trump is the leading Republican presidential candidate. Stoking racial demagoguery politics, he’s creating an enormous problem for this country. Even race card deniers can’t deny racial politics generates impulsive behavior.

Trump mocked John McCain, an American war hero, for being a prisoner of war, he implied a POW was some kind of loser. Of course Republicans attacked veteran John Kerry, questioning the severity of his Vietnam wounds.

Trump claims to be a small government conservative. His massive roundup of illegals and the vetting of all Muslims changes a democratic republic into an East German-style police state, a terrorist government. Unless you foolishly believe those people are going to go willingly.

Trumps sacrifices Constitutional liberty and justice for bigotry and prejudice. With capture and control, the federal government becomes bigger, more powerful and more fearful. Big government persecution of any type is the ruination of a free society.

When asked about the power of nuclear triad, he demonstrated he had no idea what it is, and I suspect many of his supporters don’t either.

This maniacal Republican candidate is playing hardball demagoguery to get elected. He has no idea how the Constitution works, doesn’t understand the Geneva Convention, and lacks knowledge of international rules.

If elected, this pathetic billionaire would be viewed as another Kim Jong-un by world leaders.

Bill Mahaffey