To the Editor:

“What can be done about ISIS?” was the question addressed to League of Women Voters of the U.S. President Elisabeth MacNamara at a recent local League luncheon. Her immediate reply was “vote!”

She believes voting is key to trying to solve the problems of our times.

We strongly agree, and believe voting for wise and effective leaders is essential whether the problem is ISIS, education, poor roads or healthcare.

The League urges all registered voters to become informed and show up at the polls. In South Carolina, we’ll soon have the opportunity to vote in the presidential primary of our choice.

Because we do not register by party in this state, voters can vote on Feb. 20 in the Republican Primary or on Feb. 27 in the Democratic Primary. They cannot vote in both.

To vote in the primary, voters must be registered by Jan. 27. Information on how to register is available at www. or 843-255-6900.

We hope all eligible citizens not previously registered exercise that right now.

Other elections in 2016 will include the special election for Beaufort County Board of Education District 2 on Feb. 2 and the Nov. 8 election for president and many state, county and town offices, as well as probable referenda.

There will also be primaries for some of the races.

Let’s not take our right to vote for granted. Let’s cherish it and exercise it, and let’s be sure to be informed.

Fran Holt, President

League of Women Voters of

Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Area

To the Editor:

Is effective leadership a lost art in our society?

Dale Carnegie stated that an effective leader is someone who leads by example and others tend to follow because they believe it’s the right thing to do.

In defining “success,” guru Peter Drucker said “Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things.”

Forbes listed three fundamentals of effective leadership: inspire successful vision, excel at communicating, use good judgment.

The seven tenets of effective leadership found in Google are: inspire action, be optimistic, have integrity, give support, have confidence, communicate, be decisive.

Whether in government, business or family life, effective leadership is a necessity for successful results; unfortunately our country is failing in all three.

Currently, partisan, dysfunctional government in Washington, lack of ethics in corporate America, failure of our educational system and family unit indicates leadership is greatly lacking throughout our society.

Congressional and administration approval is at an all-time low. The Edelman poll showed less than 50 percent of Americans trust chief executives while 35 percent of employees judged their supervisors to be ineffective, miss-hired or failures.

Parental responsibility continues to decline, while selfish irresponsibility is rising.

In conclusion, what does this tell us?

Successful, common sense leadership starts by leading by example, by being a positive motivator and communicator with high ethical standards and integrity, inspiring action and decisiveness.

You and I can encourage society to live by these standards and by setting the right example in our daily lives.

Live in the moment; you can make a difference!

Earle Everett

Hilton Head Island

To the Editor:

After reading letters demeaning Trump, I decided to respond with Clinton’s resume.

  • First Lady 1993-2000. Accomplishments – none; experienced gleaned – heard husband making decisions.
  • N.Y. Senator 2001-2009 (promised 200,000 jobs). Accomplishments – named a historic site, post office, highway.
  • Secretary of State 2009-2012, when asked about accomplishments, she fumbled, responding “read my book.” Accomplishments were racking up frequent flyer miles visiting 112 countries. Hillary was involved in unrest in Syria, collapse of Libya, rise of ISIS, Arab Spring, the death of four Americans including U.S. Ambassador in Benghazi, renewed Russian aggression after her re-set.
  • Foundations received millions of dollars from foreign countries for future favors (FBI investigating).
  • Used personal email server transmitting hundreds of classified and top-secret documents (FBI investigating).

Some of her lies:

  • Allegations against Bill Clinton’s extra-marital affairs were result of “vast right wing conspiracy.” (He lost his law license.) She ruined the lives of women making the accusations.
  • Invested $1,000 in commodities, making $100,000 profit in two weeks by reading Wall Street Journal.
  • Dodged sniper fire while landing in Bosnia.
  • Benghazi attack was caused by a video.

She was an ineffective senator, a disaster as Secretary of State.

Is this who we want for president? She will continue Obama’s policies.

If you feel safer and are better off financially after the last seven years, vote for Hillary.

I’ll take the loud-mouth, experienced, successful Trump over a lying, greedy, ineffective Hillary any day.

Vince Sgroi