To the Editor:

My mother is a resident of Muirfield Drive in Eagle’s Pointe.

On Sept. 14, she was badly injured in a car accident when attempting to turn left out of Eagle’s Pointe onto 278. She spent 9 days at Memorial Hospital in Savannah then two weeks in an Inpatient Rehab facility and is now at a skilled nursing facility for three weeks.

She will then be coming to live with me in Ohio as she is not able to put any weight on her right leg for three months due to her broken pelvis.

She is looking forward to getting back to Bluffton but I am obviously concerned about her safety once she returns.

I feel strongly that a stoplight needs to be installed at this intersection, but I do not know how to make that happen.

My sisters and I were so impressed with all of the kind and caring people we met in Bluffton. Can the citizens of Bluffton take action before there is a fatal accident?

Thank you for your consideration.

Lynn Michelle Rechtorovic

Dayton, Ohio

To the Editor:

About recent shootings in and around Savannah, each was an individual shooting another. Our Founding Fathers took us away from being slaves to the English king to have rights to life, liberty and property – owned by We The People, not government.

All the citizens of Savannah have the same rights as any other! This was taught in the 12 years of public school in the Borough of Queens, NYC. Because everyone had the same rights, there was no bullying, fighting, stealing cars, robbery nor shootings.

In my 19 years living in Queens, there was one gunshot: A dog was hit by a car and couldn’t walk. A policeman shot it.

The shootings bring about a question. If crime and shootings continue, Savannah tours and people visiting for scenic enjoyment might dwindle. Hotels and restaurants might close. Unemployment could increase. We would have a situation like Chicago.

Walter F. Heydt

Springfield, Ga.