To the Editor:

As our athletes Meghan Witherly and Robert Seignious return from Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles, we would like to thank all of the many people and organizations that have helped make this possible.

For logistics: SOAR at the Island Recreation Center.

For training: Lenore Gleason, and all the tennis volunteers; Heroes on Horseback; Savannah College of Art & Design, Laura Kinsey and all the equestrian coaches.

For financial support: Children’s Relief Fund, Moss Creek Tennis Association, The Bargain Box, St. Francis Thrift Store, Knights of Columbus, Sun City Lions Club and many other individual donors.

Finally, thank you to the community, volunteers and all the fans who have cheered these and all of our 300+ athletes throughout the year. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Cherie Taylor and Kathy Cramer

Area 8 Special Olympics Co-directors

To the Editor:

Enough already! The unimpeded proliferation of gun violence must stop!

The United States leads the free world in murders per capita, primarily by guns.

We also lead the free world in guns per capita – over 250 million and rising.

Our country is in the throes of a serious epidemic of moral decline and deadly violence with the gun the weapon of choice. Ownership of a gun by homeowners and hunters is not the problem; uncontrolled availability of guns is the problem.

More than 70 percent of National Rifle Association members polled agreed that stricter controls are needed. Yet, the narrow minded, pompous NRA officers together with their highly funded lobbyists stand fast, taking the idiotic position that, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

A more accurate statement is “people with guns kill people” because they are so readily available.

Put more simply, more weapons easily acquired creates the possibility of more killings.

Our Founding Fathers would turn over in their graves if they saw how we have abused the Second Amendment.

Congress needs to address the gun issue immediately including:

  • rigorous enforcement of regulations and controls
  • outlaw the sale of military style assault weapons to the public
  • license-permit all purchases including gun shows and private transfers
  • require professional instruction and certification
  • insure that criminals and mentally affected individuals are denied
  • educate Americans to preconditions that can lead to gun violence including mental health.

Common sense needs to prevail. Contact your legislators in Washington now. You can make a difference.

Earle Everett

Hilton Head Island

To the Editor:

Years ago, someone told me to be sure your words were precise and represent the thoughts you want to convey.

So this morning (Aug. 9) on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Donald Trump tried to explain to Jake Tapper what he meant by his comment about Fox’s Megyn Kelly when he said these words: “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.”

He told Jake he meant her nose or ears. Obviously, we all know exactly what he meant and it had nothing to do with her nose or ears.

Of even more importance to me was his other comment to Jake in which he said that 24 million people wouldn’t have tuned into the “show” the other night if he hadn’t been on it. Interesting choice of the word “show” rather than “debate,” which is what the event was called.

To me, it indicates The Donald’s real ambition, which is to be a showman and not a real presidential candidate. And many of the comments he’s made thus far demonstrate that he’s achieving his showman status.

Fortunately, some of the other Republican candidates on Thursday night demonstrated that they certainly knew it was a debate for the party’s potential presidential candidate.

Michael F. Vezeau


To the Editor:

I have read several items referring to Trump as “arrogant and belligerent.” If these are his only negatives, he’s got my vote.

We need a true outsider who won’t be bullied or beholden to unions, lobbyist and special interests groups.

A good example is Obama. In his first term, he had a trillion dollars to spend on shovel-ready jobs by repairing failing roads, bridges etc.

It’s been seven years; the roads and bridges are still crumbling.

The trillion was used to pay back groups that raised money and supported him during the election like unions and lobbyist.

He invested and lost thousands on windmill, solar panel and electric car companies. He bailed out brokerage firms, banks, General Motors and Chrysler.

Trump is worth $10 billion and would use his own money on the election, hence he wouldn’t be obligated to any groups.

One letter writer also misstated Trump’s comments as he didn’t label the entire Mexican country killers and rapists, whereas he said Mexico is sending us their killers, rapists, uneducated and drug dealers.

The letter states you have to be a diplomat when dealing with other countries. Obama is a diplomat and we lost most of our friends, countries take advantage of Obama (as evidenced by the Iranian deal), countries don’t respect or fear us and our economy is a disaster.

Who would you rather have for the next eight years, Trump, who raised himself from the middle class to become a billionaire, or Clinton, who the majority of Americans consider untrustworthy?

Vince Sgroi