The South Carolina Department of Revenue expected to issue 800,000 tax rebate checks by Nov 15. Taxpayers who did not receive a check and believe they are eligible can find out their status online.

To be eligible, taxpayers must have filed the S.C. individual income tax return by Oct. 15; and must have a 2018 state tax liability of at least $50 after credits.

To track the status of the rebate, taxpayers can visit and click “Check my rebate status.” Users must enter their social security number (or, if filing jointly, the number listed first on their tax return) and enter “$50” as the amount.

“Individuals are posting on social media that you can call our Individual Income Tax refund status line (803-898-5300) for $50 rebate information, which is not true,” said Bonnie Swingle, SCDOR spokesperson. “That phone line will not provide accurate information for your $50 rebate.”

Status updates are available only online.

Rebates are being issued in ZIP code order and most eligible taxpayers should receive their checks by Dec. 2. Eligible married couples who filed a joint return will receive only one $50 rebate check.