As I write this annual golf goals article, I realize that I have been writing for the Bluffton Sun for 15 years, resulting in more than 350 articles. I have written on every conceivable golf topic, and I am interested in your input on topics you would like to read. One of my golf goals is to continue writing interesting golf articles.

This article will help you come up with a few goals to help you improve your golf game in 2023. Think of A, B, M. Your goals need to be achievable, believable and measurable. If my goal is to hit my driver 300 yards, this is not achievable or believable.

My three golf goals for 2023 are the following:

• I will continue to keep my statistics during my rounds. I will chart fairways hit, greens in regulation using my irons, and putts. This helps me figure out where I need to practice and continue to set realistic goals. I believe in setting short-term goals and will assess them again this summer.

• I will become a better iron player. I will keep track of how many iron shots I hit solid during my round. My goal is to take a divot in front of the ball. I can practice this on the driving range by hitting off a powder line.

• I will start putting out all short putts – no more gimmies. I need to go through the same routine I use for longer putts. 

Below are some helpful suggestions that could help you set your own golf goals:

• Focus on lowering your handicap index one stroke every three months. That would lower your handicap four strokes in the upcoming year.

• Aim for the middle of the green. If the flag stick is behind a bunker on the right side of the green, you need to aim to the left center, giving you a better margin of error.

• Become a wedge wizard. Your wedge is the second most important club in your bag, behind your putter. Spend time on the driving range with a range finder with all your wedges. Know your half swing distances and full wedge swings. Learn how to hit it high and low.

• Get fitted for a new set of clubs. My next article in January will cover how to get fitted. You can get fitted for your driver, wedges and putter if you don’t want to get a full set.

Have a Happy New Year and enjoy your golf game in 2023.

Dr. Jean Harris is an LPGA Master Professional and teaches at local golf courses.;