Rick’s story is one of love, compassion and survival against the odds. COURTESY PALMETTO ANIMAL LEAGUE

As a private, nonprofit, no-kill animal rescue organization, Palmetto Animal League relies solely on the compassionate gifts of our donors. Without them, we could not provide safety, shelter, food or medical care for the dozens of innocent souls who pass through our doors every week.

Because of our donors, when pups like Rick need our help, we can answer on their behalf, “Come in. You are safe here.”

Rick is a 4-month-old fighter. He was found bound to a tree, emaciated, dehydrated and fading fast. We moved quickly to rescue this little one and bring him to PAL.

One of our staff members drove several hours to comfort Rick and assess his condition. When he arrived at PAL, he could barely lift his head.

“Fragile” is the best word I can think of to describe what I saw when I saw Rick for the first time. Most of us didn’t think he’d make it past a few hours, but after giving him fluids at the PAL Community Clinic, we began to see a glimmer of hope appear beneath his dull gaze.

Wobbly at best, by the next morning Rick was still showing slow but steady improvement. A week later, and working to recover from severe malnutrition, he was shaky but getting better with each passing day.

Thanks to PAL’s dedicated supporters, we were able to act without hesitation to save Rick before it was too late. And despite some probable vision loss, he is expected to make a full, yet lengthy, recovery.

The Lowcountry business community plays a pivotal role in the life of each precious soul PAL sets out to rescue. Their gifts are continuous and steady, which means we can act swiftly, and at a moment’s notice, to help animals like Rick in their hour of need.

Commitments we receive from those local businesses we proudly call our “Partners in Rescue” are crucial to PAL’s no-kill animal rescue programs. Their support helps us save more than 1,000 animals each year. With more help, we can save more lives.

Come see what being a Partner in Rescue is all about at Subiestock 2019, to be held at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 17 at Peacock Subaru in Hardeeville. This fourth annual concert event is designed to raise awareness for PAL and the No-Kill Movement. For more information, visit PalmettoAnimalLeague.org.

Amy Campanini is president of Palmetto Animal League.