Ashiatsu massage involves the barefoot practitioner using gravity to work muscles with the feet.

As you may know, the Lowcountry boasts a myriad of activities, making this one of best areas for an active lifestyle. What you might not know is that Ashiatsu barefoot massage includes a dynamic range of benefits for those with an active lifestyle to help keep you at the top of your game.

From increasing circulation to improving tissue elasticity, the benefits go on and on. After exercise, the rate of recovery increases by moving lactic acid built up in the overworked muscle.

In this specialized style of massage, the therapist utilizes gravity to provide consistent pressure using their feet and body weight. The therapist’s feet replace their hands to perform a deep therapeutic treatment. Ashiatsu allows the artful strokes of the therapists feet to sink deep into the muscles with a broad and even pressure.

This massage can be very effective by reaching all the layers of the tissue of an active body. Ashiatsu is received like a dance, flowing from one end of the body to the other.

In traditional deep tissue massage, the therapist uses forearms and thumbs which may be painful for clients, triggering muscle guarding. Because the depth of pressure is consistent throughout the entire length of the muscle the pain responses are curbed, allowing new sensory stimulation, helping speed up the muscle recovery.

People with sports or repetitive-use injuries who receive this type of massage often find that they are even more flexible after the session than before they were injured. Many clients experience noticeable improvement in range of motion and performance.

Ashiatsu barefoot massage has been known to improve posture and range of motion after only a few treatments. It will significantly reduce or eliminate chronic muscle pain, and improve bodily functions, which will create a higher sense of balance and wellbeing for the client.

Ashiatsu stimulates the lymphatic and parasympathetic nervous system faster by using long head to toe strokes. This is a slower and more forceful application of massage.

Deep compressions also allow for myofascial work to be accomplished within the treatment relaxing and stretching contracted muscles. Soft skeletal adjustments sometimes occur during the session, realigning the body and providing relief.

Although this work is deep, it is also extremely relaxing. After this unique session, you may very well experience improvement of bodily functions, and the best night of sleep that you have ever had.

Brittny Valburg holds advanced certifications in Thai massage, Ashiatsu barefoot massage and hot stone massage. She practices at Inner Peace Massage & Spa in Bluffton.