Mayor Lisa Sulka has created and implemented the Town of Bluffton’s new Youth Community Service Award Program to encourage and acknowledge the contributions of Bluffton’s younger residents.

This program is a venue for younger residents to invest their time and talent in community programs and be acknowledged for their service.

“One of the greatest traits of Bluffton’s culture is its generosity. The concept of neighbors helping neighbors is very much alive in our town,” Sulka said. “Having a program to acknowledge this trait in our younger residents is a win for everyone. This program provides a structure for high school students to make a difference.”

Sulka will acknowledge sophomore and junior students who volunteer at least 50 hours during the year.

The program requirements are:

  • Open to all rising high school sophomores and juniors attending public, private or home school in Bluffton.
  • Volunteer hours must be earned between May 1 and April 30.
  • Volunteer hours must be served with a nonprofit organization providing services to the greater Bluffton community.

All volunteer hours must be signed off by an organizational representative and by the student. The Volunteer Tracking Form is the only form that will be accepted for recording hours. It is available at

Forms must be submitted to the Mayor’s Office no later than April 30 to Kimberly Chapman at

For more information, call Chapman at 843-706-4505.