Badtz, a miniature cat with an eating issue, nestles into his mobile carrier after lunch. Badtz will always be small, but has a big personality.

Badtz has been surprising us at Palmetto Animal League since the first day he first came to our no kill adoption center in Okatie. We rescued him from another shelter where he was in danger of being euthanized. 

Because of Badtz’s small size, we thought he was around 8 weeks old. Imagine our surprise when PAL’s veterinarian told us he was actually 7 months old! 

Thanks to an X-ray that was lovingly donated to PAL, our vet quickly diagnosed Badtz with congenital megaesophagus (ME), which means the muscles in his esophagus are unable to appropriately move liquid and food down into his stomach.

“Badtz is always going to be a miniature cat, since he missed out on regular nutrition as a kitten due to his condition,” explained PAL president Amy Campanini. “The good news is he’s a loveable cat who’s easy to care for.” 

Badtz eats three to four times a day using his Megafeeder 3000, a special elevated dish that helps his food make it from his mouth to his stomach more easily. After every feeding, he needs to be held for 20 to 30 minutes, very similar to a human baby. 

“We use a baby carrier at PAL and walk around with Badtz while we go about our duties,” said Sally Dawkins, PAL adoption coordinator. “He can even be burped while in his carrier. He’s so sweet. He just melts your heart.” 

Despite all the dedicated care Badtz receives at PAL, he is lonely and isolated at our adoption center. Due to his ME, he can’t live in our homelike cat rooms where dry kibble is offered 24/7. He currently lives in the office, but it’s not a real home where he can do all the things cats love to do.

“We are desperate to get this loveable, small cat into a home, so he can experience the joy and love a home has to offer,” said Campanini.

Badtz is very playful and loves other animals. He is a special cat who will make a wonderful life companion. 

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Lindsay Perry is the marketing coordinator for Palmetto Animal League.