Susan Brock and her son, Mitchell, enjoy dances together.

Susan Brock began dancing in 2008 at a ballroom in Charleston. As she became more involved, she enjoyed attending the dance parties but couldn’t always find a babysitter, so her son Mitchell would attend the dance parties with her from time to time.

Eventually, he attended all of Susan’s performances over the next 13 years.

Mitchell was a shy child and didn’t have a lot of confidence, so when Susan offered him dance lessons he said “No.” He had other hobbies anyway – golf, computer programming and even took karate at one point.

In 2019, the family moved to Bluffton and Susan picked up ballroom dancing again after a few years off. When Mitchell finished college, he was back in Bluffton and looking for something else to do besides his own business of creating 3D digital models and game assets.

Susan invited him to attend one of her private lessons and that’s when Mitchell realized this was something he now wanted to try. He always felt he could move well and picked up things easily.

So, the mother and son started attending the group dance class together.

Mitchell and Susan had always done a lot together and refer to each other as “best friends,” so dancing together was comfortable right from the start. They continue to learn about each other in different ways.

They focus together on learning steps and patterns, and work hard on creating signals with each other so Mitchell can become a strong lead. Even though Susan has been dancing for years, Mitchell has wasted no time in catching up. Susan takes the time to repeat steps until Mitchell has mastered them.

You never know at what point in your life something like dancing will take hold. And even if you don’t take it to a high level, the experience will create forever memories.

It is such a different dynamic when family members dance together – for example, brother and sister, father and daughter, husband and wife. And many of these partnerships go on to a higher level of dancing. Many national champions are family members.

Dancing is a great way to reconnect, especially after a time period of going different ways. Because you have to lead, follow, listen, learn, and memorize, it’s a unique way to come back together with loved ones.

Sandro Virag is a partner and instructor at Hilton Head Ballroom Dance Studio of Hilton Head, located in Bluffton at Seaquins Ballroom.