Sun City neighbors enjoy a driveway happy hour with kittens and a pup. From left are Diane Jansen, GiGi the poodle, Elise McCaffery, Judy Bogen and Sharie Benoit.

Happy hour is often a time to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of others, but for one group of Sun City neighbors, “happy hour” has taken on a whole new meaning. 

What began as a way for neighbors to socialize during Covid lockdown is changing lives far beyond just one driveway. That’s because this happy hour is distinctly different from any other in town!

“Whenever I have foster kittens, they become a focal point of the gathering,” said Sharie Benoit, a foster mom for Palmetto Animal League rescues. “The neighbors and the kittens benefit from cuddle time.”

Sometimes they even have dog friends join the gatherings.

“One neighbor dog often checks to see if I have kittens when she is out walking,” said Benoit. “She is always disappointed when there are no kittens.”

Fostering has been a way of life for Benoit since 2014, when she agreed to bottle feed her first litter of orphaned kittens. She understands that socialization is a key component to raising highly adoptable kittens.

“It is good to get the kittens out in fresh air with new sounds, smells and experiences,” said Benoit. “It also helps to have different people play with them.”

Benoit and her neighbors bring beverages and snacks to share, but the best thing they share is their support for each other and the kittens.  

“These sweet little kittens have had a rough start,” said Benoit. “PAL’s foster program allows them to move toward a happy, healthy life.”

Benoit fosters year-round for PAL, whenever her schedule permits. She provides the love and PAL provides everything else.

“I have had cats all my life and they have given me so much comfort,” she said. “Each homeless kitten has the potential to bring unlimited joy and love to their forever home. They just need to be given a chance.”  

Kitten season is already underway at PAL. Please help us shower spring kittens with all the essentials and a great start in life. Visit and click on Kitten Shower to send supplies directly to PAL via Amazon. Or you can bring a gift to our Kitten Shower from noon to 2 p.m. March 11 at the PAL Adoption Center, 56 Riverwalk Blvd. in Okatie. Guests will enjoy refreshments, kitten-themed activities for kids, and a chance to explore volunteer opportunities with kittens.

Your special Kitten Shower gift, donated online or in person, will help homeless kittens grow healthy and strong as they prepare for adoption. 

Lindsay Perry is the marketing coordinator for Palmetto Animal League.