“This book is about those places in the South that touch our hearts. Places where we may have been or pathways we are traveling along now. Places that we want to go… Along Southern Roads.” – Lydia Inglett, publisher.

Thus is introduced Inglett’s latest in a line of beautiful books.

A collection of stories and photographs deserving of a special place in any home, “Along Southern Roads” celebrates the people, customs, history and unique natural beauty of the American South. Leather-wrapped and oversized and with an embossed cover, this is one classy book.

With 112 pages of glossy color photographs and personal stories, the book is a visual road trip to Southern cities and towns from Florida to Texas and north to Virginia and Kentucky.

Twenty photographers contributed some of their best work and the variety is impressive. Browse the entire book in one sitting or savor a few pages at a time, knowing there is more to explore later.

Readers will marvel at roadside fields of Texas bluebonnets, panoramic views of the Smokies and Blue Ridge mountains, historic churches and plantations. Stunning photos of wildlife, waterfalls, live-oak-canopied roads and winding forest trails will take your breath away, as will photographs of homes and memorable sites in Savannah, Charleston and Beaufort.

Essays from Southern writers bring authenticity with their personal stories and memories of growing up in the South, giving greater meaning to the photos. Featured are the essays of Ryan Copeland, who grew up in a large and well-known Beaufort family and still lives where his grandparents ran a business; Collins Doughtie, a transplant from Connecticut who has lived in Bluffton for six decades; and Lynne Cope Hummell, a native South Carolinian who has lived on Hilton Head Island more than 30 years.

Southern readers will be nodding their head and laughing at the “Southernisms” heard nowhere else in the world.

Atmospheric, nostalgic, entertaining and inspiring, this literary work of art is a treasured keepsake. “Along Southern Roads” is the perfect gift, ideal for those who have lived in the South all their lives and those who have never been down South but want to visit. They will be unreservedly enchanted.

“Along Southern Roads” is available at Starbooks.biz as well as Amazon.