Laura Shofroth

A new organization in our community is celebrating its first anniversary and seeking new members. The Holistic Chamber of Commerce is open to like-minded individuals and businesses that care about the community, are heart-centered, and have a holistic mindset.

“This organization is open to anyone that cares about health, people and planet,” said Laura Shofroth, president of the organization. “We serve to provide a bridge to those services that are holistic, have an eco-friendly product, service or solution for our community.” Membership is not restricted to any particular types of business. “Holistic means different things to different people,” Shofroth said. “We even have a handyman in our group who cares about people and the planet.”

Shofroth is an herbalist, health and life coach, motivational speaker, author, and founder of The Miracle of You, a holistic health coaching program. She was diagnosed with a terminal illness 20 years ago that had no conventional cure. “I just believed that the body could heal itself, so I took a step back to begin my healing journey and learned about food and toxins,” she said. “We aren’t taught that.”

When she discovered the Holistic Chamber of Commerce chapter in Charleston, she found a cause near and dear to her, and now her focus is promoting the new chapter in Bluffton and on Hilton Head Island. “Our momentum is growing and my goal is to increase our membership to 50 this year,” Shoforth said.

She said current members are “an eclectic group. Our members include naturopathic doctors and chiropractors, health and wellness coaches, yoga teachers, elder care staff, healers who work with essential oils, and massage therapists. Anyone who provides services that don’t hurt the environment are welcome – for example, a landscaper that uses organic fertilizers and pesticides.”

Monthly networking and business-building meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month, usually at a local restaurant, where every effort is made to use social distancing and keep attendees safe.

This year was challenging for the new group due to COVID-19 and most meetings were on Zoom. “Our meetings provide fellowship, support, business-building tools and resources and member spotlights and sponsorships,” Shofroth said. “Since we are part of a global organization, there are many opportunities for members to share their gifts, services and businesses.”

Christine Strong, owner of Essential Strong, joined last July. “I really like the support, networking and community to promote my business,” she said. “The online chapter has been fantastic to reach out across the country. The chamber is a wonderful way to put yourself out there without going out there by yourself.”

Shofroth said that in addition to monthly meetings, the organization offers teaching events and community awareness events. A health and wellness is being planned for May that will include exhibitors and vendors.

The global Holistic Chamber of Commerce was founded 10 years ago by Camille Leon and now boasts more than 60 chapters in the U.S. and Canada.

“It’s a global, online community where members can post their services. Local memberships provide automatic global access,” Shofroth said. “It’s a great hub. We also have great networking, speakers, we spotlight businesses, and use Facebook and social media.”

For more information about the organization visit or email Shofroth at

Edwina Hoyle is a freelance writer in Bluffton.