At Roller’s Wine & Spirits on Palmetto Bay Road, Phil Lindsey scans the QR code for the newly launched Poetry Trail, as Bill Schmitt offers technical guidance. LYNNE COPE HUMMELL

Phil Lindsey was honored that his poem, “A Little Tipsy,” was chosen for the new Poetry Trail on Hilton Head, and more than amused that it was to be “located” at Roller’s Wine & Spirits on Palmetto Bay Road.

“I suppose it’s only fitting,” Lindsey said. 

At the launch party April 19, held at Rollers, Elizabeth Robin, a poet and host for the event, on behalf of Island Writers Network, shared with attendees the list of 24 stations along the island-wide trail and the accompanying poem at each stop.

“Poetry is compressed storytelling, and we are telling stories of our island,” Robin said.

As each stop on the trail was discussed, the poem associated with that stop was read, often by the poet. A number of the stops are where public art sculptures are installed, while others are local business partners.

Submissions from local poets were solicited and those selected were assigned to a stop on the trail. A sign at each stop encourages visitors to “Pause for a moment and enjoy the Poem and meet the poet.”

Locations were paired with poems that seemed to suit the situation, art or business. At the circular “Carocol,” a sculpture in Shelter Cove Community Park, poet Elizabeth Abrams shares her interpretation with “O’Keefe’s Woody Orchid.”

Two QR codes appear on each sign, one for the poem assigned to that stop and the other to information about the trail.

Bill Schmitt, a member of the Island Writers Network, created the signs and connected technology to the readings and maps.

The project is the result of an on-going collaboration between the Island Writer’s Network, and the Town of Hilton Head Island’s Office of Cultural Affairs.

For more information and a map of the Poetry Trail, visit