You could think of Robin Bertram’s “No Regrets” as an instruction manual for life.

In fact, Phil Cooke, filmmaker, media consultant and author, called it “a manual for living your life to the fullest.” Bertram says “All of us will die someday but are we actually living now while we have the time? Most of us live as though we will always have tomorrow, but we absolutely do not have that assurance.”

We know this, of course, but it always seems such a distant possibility. Does this mean we take for granted the time we do have?

The impetus for writing “No Regrets” was a health scare a few years ago when Bertram, a resident of Bluffton, was diagnosed with a neurological disorder, thought to be multiple sclerosis (MS) or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). “For one entire year of my life, I waited to die,” she said.

A full year later, when follow-up tests were done, there was no sign of any disease. After another six months, the Mayo Clinic released her, but they were unable to determine what had happened to her.

She was immensely relieved, of course, but struggled to make sense of the fears and many questions she had that year.

What did it all mean?

What is it that makes her life worth living?

Bertram came to realize she had only begun to fully live her life upon learning that it may be cut short. Why did she wait until there was bad news?

Bertram has written a how-to book for curating the tools, practices and mindset needed to live a life that is purposeful and impactful, with passion and joy, so that at the end, one has no regrets and leaves a legacy that lights the way for those who follow.

Divided into three main parts, “Build a Legacy,” “Live a Legacy” and “Leave a Legacy,” the chapters in each section detail how to do just that.

Robin Bertram is an ordained minister, an in-demand keynote speaker at conferences, retreats and seminars.

She formerly hosted a nationally syndicated television program, “Freedom Today,” and is the National Regions Director for Christian Women in Media.

“No Regrets” is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other booksellers. For more on the author, visit

Glenda Harris of Bluffton is a freelance writer and editor, nature lover and aspiring novelist.