I write about this often because I feel it is important to make sure this info is in your hands if you ever have questions or concerns, and make sure you are aware of tools you can access with just a few clicks on your computer.

You are always welcome to continue to email, call or text anyone on council, but these links will help empower you with knowledge of what is going on in the town.

1. SeeClickFix

This app allows citizens to request Town services and report service issues within the Town of Bluffton and to upload photos, videos and specific description in the notification. In addition, the SeeClickFix platform provides Town of Bluffton staff members with a centralized issue management system to manage issues from creation to resolution.

We will do our best to educate residents about what issues the Town can solve and notify the appropriate agency of requests outside of the Town’s jurisdiction.

The mobile app also allows citizens to create their own “watch areas.” Citizens can opt-in to receiving notifications about all the issues reported in a designated area, enabling them to follow the progress of all service requests within that area – not just the ones they report.

The SeeClickFix mobile app is available for download on Android (Google Play) and iPhone (App Store). Download SeeClickFix and enter “Bluffton, South Carolina.”

2: Permit finder

The Permit Application Map provides information about private development anywhere within town limits, to include some of the faster growing areas such as Buckwalter Parkway and the New Riverside area. The Permit Application Map also contains a description of the project as well as a status update.

If residents click on a specific location on the map, an information box will populate with the project information. The permit status will be described as “Submitted,” “Pending,” “Approved” or “Under Construction.”

The Permit Application Map provides information on a variety of Town permits for site development such as grading and clearing, subdivisions, highway corridor overlay and historic district certificates of appropriateness (site lighting, landscaping and architecture) as well as building permits, which are required to construct, alter, repair, move or demolish a residential or commercial building.

Users can search for permits by address, permit number, parcel number of by simply clicking on a blue pin on the map.

3: Capital Projects website

This map will provide information for public construction projects being managed by the Town, including descriptions and updates. The projects are tagged on the map and are color-coded by status. The status of each project will be listed under the category of “Planned, underway or complete.” Users can click on the tag and details will populate about each project.

Directions to both Permit and Capital Projects maps:

• Go to the Town of Bluffton website: townofbluffton.sc.gov

• Click on the “I Want To” box on the front of the homepage

• Click on “Find a Map,” and it will direct you to the Map Gallery page

• Click on either “Permit Application Map” or the “Capital Improvement Project Map.”

Lisa Sulka is the mayor of the Town of Bluffton. lsulka@townofbluffton.com