Long-time collectibles retailer Jerry Glenn, left, has passed the local memorabilia torch to Steve Krzyzyk, owner of Elsewhere’s in the Promenade. TIM WOOD

When local collectibles icon Jerry Glenn announced in late 2020 that he was closing his Old Town Promenade shop, Reminisce, it appeared the Lowcountry was becoming part of a sad trend of sports card stores shuttering in favor of a lockdown-fueled online collectibles boom.

But a chance meeting by a vacationing veteran has created a new chapter for the space.

Steve Krzyzyk re-opened a collectibles shop in the 30A Promenade Street space in March and is celebrating the official grand opening of Elsewhere’s in Old Town April 17.

“It’s an exciting time. I’m a long-time collector and we’re excited to show folks a little bit of every taste here,” Krzyzyk said.

The shop will feature many sports collectibles and an array of sports cards old and new, but will also showcase gifts like perfumes, soaps and canvas art.

“We’re aiming to give everyone in the family unique offerings that kids to grandparents can’t resist,” the owner said.

Krzyzyk is a serial entrepreneur most recently living in Wisconsin. He and his wife were thinking of an empty-nest move to Hilton Head in a couple years, but stopping by Glenn’s store sparked a whole new plan during a two-week Lowcountry vacation.

“I dropped a pretty penny in there as a collector because Jerry had amazing finds,” Krzyzyk said. “About the fifth time in, he told me about his plan to retire. And a light bulb went on.”

Krzyzyk was wrapping up a decade in health care management and studying to be a nurse but not sure that was his path. So he and Jean moved up their island migration plan, he took some savings and decided to eventually move in to the space after Glenn closed down.

The two still keep in touch and Glenn consults on appraisals for folks bringing in cards to sell.

“I’m thrilled Steve is diving in to this. I have loved owning Legends on the island and Reminisce, but I need a little bit of retirement,” said the nonagenarian. “Steve’s going to do just great and I’m always be a call away for advice.”

The new store has a wide variety of sports collectibles, from cards to autographed balls and artwork, as well as a collection of the popular Dugout Mugs for the most popular MLB teams.

The front of the store has a variety of gifts and keepsakes from quality vendors such as Savannah Bee Company and Terrapin Ridge Farms.

“I like products with a cause and a purpose,” said the Navy veteran who fought with the Marines during Operation Desert Storm. “I want to work with military entrepreneurs and anyone offering unique quality products.”

The name for the store came from a brainstorm with his wife, Jean.

“I didn’t want to focus on yesterday and memorabilia. Whatever was in the store, I kept telling Jean, ‘I just know they won’t find it elsewhere.’ And she said, ‘What about Elsewhere’s?’ And we just smiled and knew that was it.”

This is the first retail store for the collector who began collecting Star Wars and sports cards as a teen. But he’s been buying and selling online for most of his adult life, so he has an eye for the hot products and what’s the next trend.

“We’ll have everything from 1941 cards to 2021 card parks and sets,” he said. “We feel so blessed to be in this little slice of paradise and to start a new tradition in this space.”

For more information about Elsewhere’s in Old Town, call 844-726-7384 or visit elsewheresinoldtown.com.

Tim Wood is a veteran journalist based in Bluffton. Contact him at timwood@blufftonsun.com.