As our outer self gets a bit older, our inner, younger self can fight the aging by staying healthy and taking a little time to fight those signs of aging. If we are happy with what we see in the mirror, it will be a good day.

We are here to help you with that image.

I thought I’d fill you in on a glimpse of some of the newest 2019 hair trends. I know most of these are not for everyone, however, your inner, younger self might want to take a new direction in this new year. Who knows?

Either stay with the youngest you that you are now, or we are here to help you improve and take the leap. I promise we will make the transition as effortless as possible.

Some of the newest trends for this year are:

  • Blunt bobs and bangs. Just when we got used to choppy and shattered ends, blunt is back.
  • There is a huge ’60s and ’80s influence of upcoming looks. I have written before that perms and crimped hair are back – both very ’80s (along with shoulder pads and scrunchies).
  • All braids, either for incorporating a micro braid into your style or fishtail braids as a cool daily ‘do. Also braids are good for wearing to bed to have waves the next day.
  • Hair decoration of all sorts are very in. Barrettes, crocodile clips and definitely scrunchies. (I know this is more for my younger clients; however, many of you might all take a few ideas from this.)
  • I’m mostly thrilled that coiffure in hair is coming back. Yes, more finger waves and bouffant, teased hair are making a comeback.
  • A weekly blow dry is back, bigger than ever. A shampoo and set once a week – even for the younger client – will make your life easier and enable us to keep your style for you. It’s a win-win.

Believe me, this area and lifestyle do not warrant these looks on a daily basis (other than a ponytail in a scrunchie); however, we can downplay versions of the new or make the old a bit newer for the new young you.

Happiest New Year to everyone! I wish each and every one of you the best one yet. And a sincere thank you to all of my clients and readers for making 2018 a great year.

Joy Ross is owner of Style It Salon in Old Town Bluffton.