We did it! We survived another winter here in the Lowcountry. When I lived in a more northern climate, spring was an exciting time. You started thinking of getting outdoors and seeing green again.

In Bluffton, we can be excited when the pollen stops falling and we can uncover our outdoor furniture.

May I say I love to be outside? I like the fresh air and the way it feels as if you have more space to your home.

My favorite part of a home to design is an outdoor space. Often that is an area that gets neglected and forgotten.

Most of us have some designated area for outdoor relaxation – patios, lanais, porches, decks to name a few. So what I want you to do is think of decorating your exterior space just like your interior space.

Whatever you can do inside you can do outside.

Here are some suggestions: First, start with a comfy couch and chairs. Complement them with a coffee table and side tables. Add some great outdoor pillows.

Put down a rug and hang outdoor window treatments. Find a place to hang a print, a mirror, or maybe a large outdoor clock that you can see from your yard.

Set an area to dine outside. For comfort to your outdoor dining chairs the market has many different styles of outdoor cushions to soften the chair and add pops of color with the cushions.

Now it’s time to add your favorite little accessories just like you have inside. Most ceramic and pottery pieces are okay outside. Try adding some really different wood pieces.

Now comes a real treat. If your budget allows and your space is covered, put a TV and maybe a music sound system. All these items can be purchased already adaptable to the outdoor elements.

You will want your outdoor space to be an extension of your indoor style and color palette. When you do that it makes your indoor space appear larger because all the spaces flow together rather than compete.

I hope I’ve given you incentive to head outside. My favorite thing to do is to invite a group of people in the fall and watch our favorite college football team win a game while we’re sitting outside on our lanai. Try it!

Cynthia Bailey is the owner of C.W. Bailey Interiors in Bluffton. www.cwbailey interiors.com