Spring is here! It’s a new season of growth and new beginnings. 

If you’ve thought about starting something new, “spring” into your local piano store. If you’re wondering what you might find there, here is a sampling:

Your neighbors: You might be surprised to find that many people you know play the piano and rely on their hometown piano store to service their piano with annual tunings, small repairs, string replacements, piano dehumidifiers and cleanings.

Speaking of neighbors, the Hilton Head International Piano Competition just wrapped up its 26th year of offering a stellar piano competition that draws pianists from all over the world. The community comes together to volunteer time and provide host homes for these competitors. 

Your local piano store is proud to play a role in helping the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra host such a renowned event. 

Local musicians: On any given day in your local piano store, you might hear local musicians like Martin Lesch, James Berry or Charlie Curtis tickling the ivories. Piano stores draw recording artists and virtuoso pianists like kids to candy stores. 

If you stop by, you might just be treated to a mini performance. There are also ticketed events such as recitals and chamber ensembles that dot the yearly calendar and provide an evening of musical entertainment. 

Piano students: A piano store without piano lessons is like a zebra without stripes, and we get very excited about the families and students that come to the piano studio for lessons each week. These students (young and older) bring excitement, energy and music to the store. We love to see them get lost in the racks of piano music. 

Recently, we were thrilled to loan a new baby grand piano to the piano students at Hilton Head Christian Academy – helping neighbors and musicians alike in their pursuit of music.

Friendly staff: It’s hard to have a bad day at work when you work in a candy store – I mean, a piano store! Everywhere you look, there are beautiful pianos, baby grands, electronic keyboards, and the potential for exciting, romantic, jazzy, fanfare, or dance music to emanate from any of them at the hands of a pianist or at the touch of an iPad. 

Spring is an excellent time of the year to find growth in a new hobby or passion. Find your way to your local neighborhood piano store this season, and perhaps discover a new beginning. 

Jennifer Herrin is the co-owner of Kawai Piano Gallery by Herrin in Bluffton. @kawaipianogallerybyherrin or kawaipianogallerybyherrin.com