Quick question: What’s pink, has 2,116 legs, and helped raise $50,000 for local mammograms?

It was the world’s largest flock of lawn flamingos – so large, in fact, that, according to the folks at Guinness, it set a world record.

And the folks at Pledge The Pink have the certificate to prove it. They accomplished this feat with the flock of 1,058 pink plastic birds Aug, 27, 2016, at Callawassie Island.

Why on earth would anyone gather up that many lawn flamingos? Easy. It was for a great cause, it brought thousands of people together and it was fun. That’s what Pledge The Pink is all about.

For years, locals have joined thousands of Lowcountry visitors in doing the LoCo Motion, the former name of Pledge The Pink. This fun, friendly 30-milefootrace, to be held Sept. 21-24, across three different sites around the region has brought runners from all over the world to Hilton Head Island, Callawassie Island and Daufuskie Island to compete, have a blast and raise funds to provide mammograms to countless women in our area.

And all that reverent irreverence, all those good deeds? They’re just getting started.

“We’re beyond excited for this year’s event,” said founder Laura Morgan. “It’s very gratifying to see how not only the Lowcountry, but the world has embraced this event.”

Start with the name: This year, the event’s name was changed to Pledge The Pink to reflect the increasingly global focus of this local fundraiser. Last year, hundreds of walkers and racers all over the world joined in the fun thanks to a unique “virtual race” platform that allowed them to run the LoCo Motion from their home city.

And while the race may be run all over the world, Pledge The Pink is still a local fundraiser. Last year’s event raised $100,000, almost all of which stayed local.

“We’re still dedicated to helping prevent breast cancer right here in the Lowcountry,” said Morgan.

Locals are encouraged to sign up early for the September race with coupon code IMALOCAL through March to receive a 10 percent discount on their registration fee, and to get access to all the exciting contests being run on the Pledge The Pink chat group in the lead-up to the race.

Pledge The Pink carries on the LoCo Motion tradition of outrageous fun, selfless giving and friendly competition and, starting this year, takes it in a bold new direction.

To register, visit pledgethepink.com.