Dear Readers,

We would like to ask for your help!

The Bluffton Sun and Hilton Head Sun newspapers are conducting an online survey to assess reader’s buying habits, shopping habits, needs and other preferences.

Readers will be able to share their thoughts on several topics, all with an eye toward helping us and our advertisers understand what consumers want and expect from their local newspaper and the business community. The entire survey should not take more than 10 minutes.

Our online survey is available through June 30 at, at the Reader Survey link. All results will be tabulated by an outside company and respondents may remain anonymous if they choose.

Respondents are eligible for a $1,000 grand prize and will be entered into a drawing simply for filling out the entire survey. See survey for details.

In this issue you will see promotional ads encouraging readers to participate in the survey. Those who are interested in responding but do not have computers may use a computer at the offices of The Bluffton Sun, 14D Johnston Way in Bluffton.

It is our intention to share the results of the survey with you in future issues. This will allow you to understand what your friends and neighbors feel about our market, our retailers in general, and our newspapers.

This is not a popularity contest, and is not designed to identify specific businesses, but rather provide an understanding of our reader’s views in general terms.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and views with us.

Kevin Aylmer, Publisher