The cast of Sun City Community Theatre’s production of “The Odd Couple: Female Version.” SUSAN MCGREAL

When Neil Simon wrote “The Odd Couple: Female Version” 20 years after the original, or “male version,” a few situations had to change.  The poker game became a Trivial Pursuit game and the dialogue was a little more geared to the emotional reactions of the lead women.

In this play, there are six women and two men who bounce off one another with a great deal of sarcasm and a few physical jabs.

The show is sure to offer some fun moments when the Sun City Community Theatre presents the play June 3-6 in the newly renovated Magnolia Hall.

Directed by Shirley Alberti, the production features Julie Davis as Olive and Carol Dines as Flo.

The Olive Madison character works as a television news producer making a good salary – enough to afford a beautiful large apartment in Manhattan. Unfortunately, Florence, her new roommate, is quite particular about picking up dust bunnies and scrubbing the remnants thereof. 

Bickering pursues and sometimes we watch them stop dead in their tracks when they realize how much they need one another.  It’s a very touching scenario.

Closeknit friendships expand with Sylvie, a tough New Yorker, played by Carolin Collins; Renee, a single woman, played by Joanne Murray, who is dating a doctor (and wants you to know that!); and Vera, played by Ruelaine Peters is somewhat dimwitted, funny and often a step or two behind her friends.   

Then, there’s Mickey, a police officer who’s very down to earth and wants to control all situations. 

These ladies are very funny, very colorful and quirky in their own way.

The original Pigeon Sisters have been replaced by the Costazuela Brothers (Manolo played by Ed Phelps and Kevin Karg as Hazoos) Their exaggerated Castillian accents makes for more laughter.

Tickets for members of the Sun City Theatre Club are $21 and $24 for non-members at the Magnolia Hall box office, or order online at or by phone 843-645-2700.