Our family recently had a reunion in Williamsburg, Va. It was rather small as family reunions go, as it was just Hubby and I and our descendants.

We have four children, they married, and we then had 10 grandchildren. One grandson is married, and they have a child. So, from two people we have a large family.

Our Williamsburg reunion was quite intimate. I will give all the credit to the children, who have worked very hard over the years to keep up with each other, and this is no easy feat, because they have relocated numerous times to Europe, Africa and South America.

In years gone by they would organize what they called Cousins Camp, which was hosted by one family. They would have all the cousins attend and as many parents as possible for a week. Hubby and I would go for a few days at the end.

Location and the ages determined the activities. Washington, D.C. had tours of government buildings, monuments and baseball games. Alaska had fishing and hiking and a great big barbeque. Atlanta and New York also were camp locations.

As the grandkids grew up the Cousins Camp sort of fell apart. One cousin got married.

Because they all knew each other so well they would go and visit. Now they all drive, which really makes me feel old.

Daughter Cathy and her husband seem to always be a great magnet for the cousins. Many have gone to Alaska to visit, but now, they also have property in Alabama that is turning into a “must-visit” destination. There is enough land that it allows for hunting and fishing.

Unfortunately, not everyone could attend the reunion in Williamsburg. One son-in-law was dealing with the sale of property in Alaska; the grandson in the military could not get away, but his wife and baby helped fill the void. Three college kids missed out.

But all in all it was a large bunch, considering you can blame it on only two people.

A family is very much like a hand of cards you are dealt. It’s how you play your hand that counts. We lucked out with a good hand, and I think it was played well.

This family has been blessed.

Margaret Griffin has lived in Sun City Hilton Head for 17 years.