By Amanda Hodge

Southerland, a duo based in Nashville and a rising star on the country music scene, will perform at the Roasting Room in Bluffton Sept 30.

On our summer road trip, on a stop in Ouray, Colorado, we saw a band called The Sweet Lizzy Project. The members are Cuban-born and Nashville based.

They were phenomenal, and we knew immediately that we needed to bring them to the Roasting Room. We reached out to their agent, and it turns out they had a date scheduled in Jacksonville, and coincidently we had the night before available!

This band has quickly rocketed from never having been in an arena to mesmerizing an audience of 20,000 people, opening for their idols, Heart and Joan Jett. We think our Lowcountry friends will enjoy this lively rock band for a standing room only show Sept. 8. Get ready for a dance party! Sept. 8, all tickets $20, no reserved seating.

The Roasting Room is definitely bringing the country to Bluffton the first week in October. These bands are going to bring down the house and we are really lucky that we are able to bring them here.

First up, Southerland is an incredible rising country duo based out of Nashville. These guys are what we like to call fun country. Their energy is unmatched, and we expect that we will have a front row seat to watching these guys rise to the top.

They will lead up to a busy month with an 8 p.m. show Sept. 30. Tickets $25-$30.

And of course, if you saw 615 Collective when they were here last month, then you know why we asked one of their lead singers, Shelly Fairchild, to come on back. Shelly was highlighted by The Rolling Stones as one of the 10 artists you need to know.

Shelly has been featured on major shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Riverdale.” She rocked the Roasting Room last time and we can’t wait to have her here for her own show. Oct. 1, tickets from $20.

And of course, one of everyone’s absolute favorites, for whom we have received so many requests, Smithfield. This duo blurs the boundaries between country, pop, and rock. You can catch Smithfield playing at the Grand Ole Opry and making huge waves in Nashville and in every city they play. Oct. 5, tickets from $25.

The Roasting Room is a live performance venue located at 1297 May River Road in Bluffton. All shows are scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. For tickets and more information, visit

Amanda Hodge is director of mood elevation and human logistics at The Roasting Room in Bluffton.