I can’t believe it’s time for teachers and kids to go back to school.

I’ve been looking at new hairstyles for teens and young adults, both boys and girls, men and women and everyone in between.

The newest trends for girls vary from the LOB (long bob) to a pixie. There are many versions of both cuts. The LOB can be shattered on the bottom to give it more texture, or very blunt to make it look thicker.

It can also be layered to take the squareness away. Bringing the fullness toward the eye gives that upside-down triangle shape that I’m always stressing as the most flattering cut.

Having a low side part with a two-tone color, bangs sometimes with one funky color and the rest another color, either their natural color or something else as funky. This look is great when the cut is short or bi-level.

Unnatural colors like pink, purple, blue, etc. are prevalent among school girls. All colors of the rainbow make either the bottom half of the longish hair or the whole head. This look is very edgy but needs a lot of upkeep.

Braids of all shapes and sizes and weaves are the predominant favorite style. The No. 1 braided style that is copied from the Kardashian’s is kind of the Pippy Longstocking braids.

The other popular style I see emerging is very high pigtails but rolled into a bun shape, looking more like Minnie Mouse ears.

Both African American boys and girls are wearing their hair in more natural curls and Afros.

As far as men and boys, their hair and facial hair are equally as important to them. Sculpted beards and fades are the focus for men. The pompadour is the most sought-after style for all ages.

The high and tight is popular not only in the military these days either. The man bun and ponytail are also extremely popular in the later teens and early adult guys (and some older gents).

It pleases me that more and more emphasis is being placed on “new” ‘dos. I love that males are concentrating more on how their hair looks.

Haircuts and styles are on the top of the list to have a perfect entry into the next grade or college. Pay attention. And good luck.

Joy Ross is owner of Style It Salon in Old Town Bluffton. styleitsalon.com