These are the craziest times ever! I’m sure everyone agrees. It’s so upsetting that our lives have been dictated by a deadly virus.

I’m praying that with everyone having to wear masks for a short time (I hope), the virus will subside and everyone will return to somewhat normal lives again.

I want to reiterate that we are complying with every sanitation and sterilization law. Also, we recently had a surprise visit from the labor and licensing board. We received an A for following all of the guidelines. In addition, we are not double booking, so you will be safe and healthy.

It’s time to begin to emerge and start looking and feeling better. I promise a new ‘do will make you feel like a million dollars.

The mask camouflages the bottom third of the face. Therefore, it’s important that the focus goes to the top third.

Gray roots are a beacon that need attention. At-home touch-up kits are acceptable but not at home color. Please, just don’t do it!

Our weather is especially hot and humid, so pulling your hair up and off the face is most comfortable and flattering.

Bring attention to your eyes. Add a little more mascara and a tiny bit of liner in the outside V corner of the eye. It will make an incredible difference.

Short hair can be slicked back and longer hair can be braided, or put in a top knot or ponytail. I always lecture about “no ponytails,” but this is a major exception.

When wearing a mask, try to keep the elastic around your ears away from the hair so there is no breakage.

I really cannot stress how feeling good when you’re looking in the mirror is so important today. We can become depressed in these tough times. Getting a little pampering can go a long way.

As an aside, here are some positives I have realized in wearing masks:

1. No lipstick needed.

2. You can talk to yourself no one sees your lips move.

3. You know if you have bad breath.

4. Jowls are not visible.

5. You spend less time on makeup more on hair.

6. Put on a hat and sunglasses and you can be totally incognito!

Stay safe healthy and I hope we see you very soon!

Joy Ross is owner of Style It Salon in Old Town Bluffton.