Ocean sunfish: Ocean sunfish or Mola Mola are wild-looking creatures. Reaching thousands of pounds, the plankton and jellyfish eaters look like giant fish heads without a body or tail. A few years back, we saw at least 100 of them mixed with loggerhead turtles in the space of a mile. It was flat calm, and was definitely a once in a lifetime turtle and sunfish party.

think this time around I am going to rely on the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Having planned to describe things I see during trips offshore, sometimes more than 80 miles out, no matter how hard I try, even the best descriptions can’t touch the actual thing.

Before I let photos do the talking, one thing stands out. So many folks I encounter tell me they wish our cloudy greenish waters were more like the crystal-clear blue waters of the Caribbean. So that you know, with every mile I travel offshore, the water not only gets clearer but it also gets blue.

By the time I get to that 80-mile mark the water is such a bright, brilliant, deep blue it is nearly impossible to look at it without sunglasses.

Here are just a few of my images captured in that deep blue realm.

Collins Doughtie, a 60-year resident of the Lowcountry, is a sportsman, graphic artist, and lover of nature. collinsdoughtie@icloud.com