“Shallow Grave” is the third in a series of police procedural novels by Lowcountry resident Brian Thiem.

This latest work, along with his debut novel “Red Line” and second novel “Thrill Kill,” features veteran homicide detective Sgt. Matt Sinclair and his work with the Oakland (Calif.) Police Department. Sinclair is tough, passionate and dedicated.

The author himself was a detective and later the commander of the homicide section of OPD. He also served 28 years in the Army, retiring as a lieutenant colonel. While this is a work of fiction, it is easy to imagine real life inspiration for some of the plot lines and characters.

This book will give the reader a behind-the-scenes look into the world of crime in an American city and the law enforcement men and women who respond to calls, investigate, and ultimately solve these kinds of cases.

Thiem goes into some detail regarding processing crime scenes, collecting and protecting evidence, interviewing suspects, witnesses and persons of interest, all while dealing with city politics and conflicting agendas.

In this latest novel, the crime is murder and the victim found in a shallow grave is the commander of OPD’s intelligence unit as well as Sinclair’s former partner. Obviously, this is no ordinary case.

With the department hoping for quick clearance, the rank and file mourning a brother, and politics muddying up the investigation, Sinclair and his partner, Braddock, must get beyond the easy “answers” and push ahead in their search for the truth.

His initial reaction of anger simmering just below the surface, Sinclair keeps digging, threatening to expose secrets that some in power want to keep hidden.

The plot gets interesting quickly, and whether or not you are a fan of the genre, you will be drawn in and want to know how Sgt. Sinclair handles this one that hits so close to home.

Here’s a clue: If you start with the first book in the series, you’ll want to read them all.

You can purchase this book or the series from the publisher by visiting www.crookedlanebooks.com. It is also available at Amazon and most bookstores, and it makes a great gift for any adult, especially guys who love police and crime investigation novels.

To learn more about Brian Thiem and his books, visit his website at www.brianthiem.com.

Glenda Harris of Bluffton is a freelance writer and editor, nature lover and aspiring novelist.