Each spring, fashion magazines swell with bountiful new trends. Constantly evolving, fashion can seem quite dizzying.

Just when you’ve grasped one trend, another style comes along and undoes it. Thus, to combat the feelings of “I just can’t keep up,” I’ve developed a few strategies to help stay in touch and personally satisfied.

To start, I take cues from my early 20s when my income was tight, limiting my wardrobe spending to only one or two new items a month. I find this is just enough to keep a smile on my face and my looks fresh.

Second, I survey the trends. With a quick perusal through fashion magazines, on Pinterest, or by following a few fashion bloggers, I can hone in on what’s new and what makes the most sense for me.

For example, here’s what I’m considering this spring:

For color, spring looks are bursting with yellow and lavender. Yellow, one of my favorite hues, is so bright and cheery. With just a splash, such as a ruffled blouse or lightweight cardigan, you can add a ray of sunshine to any look.

Alternatively, for lavender, a derivative of Ultra Violet, the Pantone Color of the Year, there will be many shades available, such as Orchid Hush, Hyacinth, Rhapsody or Lilac.

Exude imagination and vitality when you incorporate it with tops, jewelry, sandals and more.

Another familiar trend is nautical. Nautical themes often express a spirit of renewal, and Ralph Lauren, inspired by his home in the Caribbean, offered a new spring collection awash with coastal looks.

One twist for 2018: Stripes have come about vertically, with varying widths that complement a woman’s body.

For accessories, according to Vogue magazine, “patterned handbags are the new statement pieces.”

Trend spotters advocate that your handbag be more than simply functional and monotone. It can become a lively conversation piece!

Thus, choose a colorful design from either a local company or mainstream brand, and have fun chatting up your new adornment over lunch with friends.

Finally, my best strategy for being fashionable and on trend is to keep it real. When I stay true to styles that work best for me, I’m more confident and happy.

Genesis says that we’re all made in God’s image, and as such, if we’re all “fashioned” by him, literally His handiwork, then we simply can’t go wrong when we let our true persona shine through.

Jessica Maples is the marketing and communications manager for Spartina 449.