Imagine seeing the world from a shelter pet’s eyes. Some may imagine a homeless animal’s view of life being one of despair. At Palmetto Animal League, we find the exact opposite to be true.

Animals know when they find safety in the arms of their rescuer. You can sense their relief and sheer thankfulness. Now, imagine being a shelter pet without the benefit of eyesight to guide you. Surely animals in this situation would be frightened and hopeless, right? Not if they are Lucy and Ethel!

These 5-month-old kittens are not only sisters, but both are also visually impaired. PAL rescued this pair from a rural shelter in May and right from the start, we knew they were meant for great things.

Lucy came to us with limited vision, and sadly Ethel recently lost what little eyesight she had left, leaving her completely blind. As you might expect a sibling to do, Lucy immediately came to her sister’s aid, taking on the all-important role of Ethel’s seeing eye cat!   

“These two are glued to each other just like their namesakes,” said PAL Adoption Specialist Sally Dawkins. “They are incredibly bonded and love people more than anything.”

The PAL cat care team decided to put Lucy and Ethel in Cat Room 1 with an adult cat named Elton John who is also visually impaired. The result has been nothing short of amazing.

As if sensing the sisters needed his help, Elton eagerly became their mentor. Every day, he teaches Lucy and Ethel new things to help them navigate life and, thanks to his guidance, the kittens are ready to find their perfect home.

“Lucy and Ethel are always two of the first to greet you when you enter their cat room,” Dawkins said.

If you’d like to learn more about the animals at PAL’s adoption center from the people who know them best, tune in to the “PAL at Your Pad” Virtual Adoption Event throughout the day on Oct. 8 with a special Facebook Live at 11:30 a.m.

We’ll feature some of PAL’s most adorable cats and dogs and answer all your questions. This event will also include fee-waived adoptions Oct. 8-15, made possible through a generous grant from the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

Still thinking about Lucy, Ethel and Elton? Call Palmetto Animal League’s No Kill Adoption Center at 843-645-1725 and a matchmaker will help you schedule a meet and greet. These are Lives Worth Saving. 

Lindsay Perry is the marketing coordinator for Palmetto Animal League.