Have you ever wondered why some real estate agents are more successful in listing and selling homes than other agents? Well, it has a lot to do with what agents do for home sellers.

One of the first things that successful agents do is to fully evaluate the property. That helps the seller understand the property’s strengths and weaknesses, and what can attract or deter homebuyers.

This evaluation also includes the home’s optimal price range and a customized marketing plan to get the home sold in a timely manner and for the highest possible price.

Successful agents are not shy about informing sellers of all the services they offer.

With expert knowledge of the local real estate market, these real estate professionals know how to best price and market every property they list. Some agents recommend that the sellers have their home inspected, to find and fix any problems before the buyer does his or her inspection.

Successful agents know what buyers are looking for in a home (and they share that information with their sellers). Most sellers have grown accustomed to their home without realizing that a few simple home improvements could greatly increase marketability and value.

Savvy agents also know how to market and advertise a home to reach as many potential buyers as possible.

A listing agent who is a member of the local real estate association and Multiple Listing Service (MLS) has access to an extensive network of cooperating agents (more than 80 percent of home sales are co-op sales, where a listing agent lists and markets the property, and a selling or buyer’s agent brings in the buyer).

Member agents are able to list homes on the local and national MLS. They know what information to include (attractive photos and compelling house descriptions) to promote the best qualities of the homes they list.

Buyers are searching the internet (more than 90 percent initially) for properties. Results-getting real estate agents know which real estate websites are most popular with homebuyers to ensure that their listings are effectively syndicated and getting noticed.

As prospective buyers and buyer agents show interest, listing agents arrange showings, share feedback and bring offers to their sellers.

Successful listing agents do much more. Just ask them before choosing the agent that will work best for you.

Larry Stoller is a real estate consultant and advertising executive who loves living in Bluffton and helping real estate agents and sellers get homes