Chances are, most of “y’all” reading this article are from up North. And, if you’re like me, when you first moved to the South, you had some style questions.

Sperry’s? Why are boat shoes being worn on land?

Why does everyone wear sunglasses around their necks?

Why is everything monogrammed?

After a while, I grew to love some of these styles, especially “popping my collar.” Don’t judge; it was 2004 and I was in college.

So if you are a brand new transplant to the South, what are some Southern styles you can easily adopt? I would start with monogramming.

Chances are, you already have something in your closet that could be monogrammed. A large tote, beach bag, or even a vest are great items that you can monogram. It gives your accessory a special flare that it may not have had before.

Pearls are another accessory you can easily add to your wardrobe. A strand of long pearls will add pizazz to even the most basic outfit.

Or, go bold and pair a chunky pearl statement necklace with a plain white collared shirt and jeans for a chic, effortless look.

If you’re not sure about either of those options, choose a pair of big bold pearl stud earrings. These are the epitome of Southern style.

If pearls aren’t your thing, choose a statement stud like a sweet pineapple or flower to add a dash of sweetness to your look. Pineapples on jewelry, scarves and even handbags is a trend that I am really liking right now. Pineapples are the icon for Southern hospitality, so if you are wearing them in any type of accessory, you will exude warmth and kindness.

Lastly, there are some smaller accessories that will ease your transition. A classic pair of Ray Ban “wayfarers” or “aviators” will complete any Southern preppy look. Colored, mirrored lenses are very big right now.

Boot socks are another fun trend, usually topped off with lace. They add just a little something to complete your look, some you can even monogram!

The South is also synonymous with outdoor sports – such as football, fishing and equestrian events. Make sure your fan-favorite attire or swag includes a fun colored, insulated tumbler or koozie that you can easily carry in your purse.

Whether you choose a combination of these tips I’ve suggested, or focus on just one, they’re sure to help you ease your transition into the Southern scene. So cheers, y’all, and wear that Southern charm!

Jessica Sferlazzo is a fashion merchandiser and general manager of the Spartina 449 flagship store in Bluffton. www.facebook .com/spartina449fs