Fred uses his special four-wheel drive cart to run and play.

No matter their circumstances, many of the homeless pets we care for at Palmetto Animal League possess the inspiring ability to overcome great odds while maintaining both positivity and joy. One such animal is a puppy named Fred.   

Just weeks after being adopted, the unthinkable happened to this vibrant, 5-month-old pup. Fred got overly excited, bolted, and was hit by a car – leaving his spine fractured and his backend paralyzed. Although he was in desperate need of medical attention, Fred’s spirits were high.

“Luckily he is a superhero pup,” said Fred’s foster mom, Lori Roos. “His will to live was strong and he was ready to take on the recovery process and become a carefree puppy once again.”

Because of compassionate support from our Lowcountry community, PAL was able to raise the funds necessary to cover Fred’s costly medical needs. Those gifts also allowed Fred to be fitted for a special wheeled cart that allows him to run and play.

“It is adjustable so it will grow with him,” Roos said. “His cart is starting out as a quad for extra support but will convert to a two-wheeled cart when he’s ready.”

Thanks to the kindness of so many, Fred will also receive physical therapy to build upper body strength and treatment for any other issues that may arise in the future due to his injury.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Fred is still incredibly sweet and affectionate. He has an endless amount of love to give and appreciates every ounce of love he receives.

“Taking care of Fred is quite easy if you set up his environment properly,” Roos said. “The person who adopts him will need to take him out for daily walks in his wheeled cart and play with him so he can have a full and happy life. Fred greets every day with strength and determination. He loves being with people and sharing his positive energy.”

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Amy Campanini is president of Palmetto Animal League.