I am writing this article in late December because it gives me and you time to set our golf, fitness and social goals for 2022.

Looking back, I did achieve my social goals for golf. I made a lot of new friends this past year on the course. The pandemic brought more people to the game of golf.

I also had a fantastic time meeting new ladies for my Chicks with Sticks group, which gave 35 ladies a chance to play some of our great local golf courses and make new friends.

My exercise goals were met as well. I went to the gym four days a week. Playing tennis and pickleball has helped me with my reflexes and strength. I feel so much better this December then I did a year ago.

When it comes to golf goals, you need to monitor your golf scores. Your golf goals must meet the A, B, M assessment. Sit down and start a golf journal. The goals that you write down must be Achievable, Believable and Measurable.

Achievable means the goal must be realistic. Set short-term goals and re-assess them after each month. Figure out how to achieve this goal. Is it by hitting your driver 10 yards farther? Is it by getting better with your chipping and pitching? Is putting the major problem?

Believable means feeling like you can actually reach the goal. If you are shooting scores of 110 or more, then breaking 90 this year might not be something you can reach. Looking at your golf scores every month in your journal can help you get to a believable goal.

Measurable means you have to keep track of your scores. You must write them down and keep track every time you play. Pick dates you want to have met intermediate goals. Only by writing down your goals are you going to know if you achieved them.

I have my students keep track of several things on their scorecard. They can then go to their golf journal and keep track of how they are playing and what they need to work on to get better.

On your scorecard you will set your scoring goal for that day. Your scoring goals are different depending on the course you are playing.

Keep track of the following:

• Scoring goal – number you want to meet or beat for that round. Look at the scorecard and find out the hardest holes, and they will be the holes where you get the most strokes.

• Fairway hit – this is on the first shot on the hole. Did you hit the fairway? If you are using a driver, it will let you know if the driver is a problem. On a par 3, it will let you know if you chose the proper club.

• Green in regulation – this will be two less than your goal for that hole. For example, if my goal is 5 on a hole, then my green in regulation will be a 3.

• Putts – this is so important. Ideally you want to have two putts on each hole. Add up your putts at the end of the round and it will help you assess if putting is a problem.

Keep track of your golf game and then practice the areas you need the most help. Contact your local golf professional to help you reach your goals in 2022.

Dr. Jean Harris is an LPGA Master Professional and teaches at Pinecrest Golf Club. jean.golfdoctor.harris@gmail.com; golfdoctorjean.com