You are invited to stay prayed up. 

In the Book of Matthew, chapter 24, verse 42, scripture inspires and motivates us to “Stay prayed up and watch. Especially watch within yourself. Have you made room for your highest good when it may appear?’” 

I think this is an invitation for each of us to pay attention to our self-talk, to focus our attention, to speak our intention, to allow for our good. We do this by going within ourselves, watching from within, rather than being influenced by things outside of us – or what I call “other-it is” – when we make someone or something wrong with us. Anxiousness, disappointment, irritation, and anger are indicators it’s time to pause and go within. 

We are bidden to look for the good, having eyes to see it everywhere present. The more prayed up we are, the more we choose to respond rather than react to news, politics, weather, and yes, to our neighbor – and even traffic on Hwy. 278.

Start each day calling forth the truth of you. Know deep in your heart that each of us are 100% divine and 100% human, regardless. 

Take a breath. Now, exhale. 

Regardless, because there is no judgment of all that brought us here today. 

This is what Jesus, the great example (rather than the great exception), knew about himself and what he showed us through his teachings, how he lived and how he walked in his ministry. He asked us to follow him, rather than exalt him.

At Unity Spiritual Center Hilton Head, we affirm first for ourselves and then for everyone everywhere, “God Is. I Am. I Can.” Know with me that all that you are right now is absolutely on purpose as you will the will of God, allowing your goodness, prosperity, healing, happiness and wholeness to make manifest in, through and as you.

You, me – each of us is a unique unrepeatable expression of God. Own it. I often joke, that even though you might not have freckles you are still beautiful just as you are. It usually gets a laugh! 

We get to want what we have. We get to give thanks for where we are in life, in relationship, right here in this “now” moment. We get to stay prayed up, practice gratitude, give thanks, show appreciation and stay consciously aware of our oneness with God.

Are you willing? This is my favorite question. You have heard it said that it takes faith, and that faith needs only to be the size of a mustard seed. 

Stay prayed up. Watch and know from your Divinity which resides within you. Allow yourself to be open and receptive and willing to receive. Let your light shine. Namaste.

Rev. Therese Donlan Lee is the senior minister of Unity Spiritual Center on Hilton Head Island.