Tours of the Mobile Workshop are for eighth grade and above (Any student or child under the age of 13 MUST BE accompanied by a parent or guardian).

The Future Economy and Construction Industry in S.C. Depends on a Skilled Workforce.

The current crisis has made it abundantly clear that the residential construction industry is not only needed, but an essential tool in the future economy in S.C. It is also very apparent of the growing need of a skilled workforce.

The HBASC and associated trade associations have formed a powerful collaborative to promote skilled trades in South Carolina:
It’s called Be Pro Be Proud SC, and the ultimate goal is to transform our future workforce by increasing the pool of qualified workers and re-instilling pride in the skilled trades.

This career-awareness campaign has already been successful in Arkansas since 2016, and we are working closely with the original team to become only the SECOND state in the nation to launch our own mobile workshop. JOIN THE MOVEMENT! Our website is under construction. Meanwhile, check out to see what we are going to do.

A custom-designed, military-grade, double-expandable semi trailer will be loaded with hands-on simulators of a variety of skilled trades including welding, truck driving, heavy equipment operation, diesel technician, lineman, and more. It will travel throughout the state to schools, fairs, career centers, conventions, government events, military re-entry programs, and more.