By Barb Le May

“Legacy.” It’s a rather simple word that packs a huge punch. When a person passes, the mark the individual left on her/his world represents that individual’s legacy. Legacy is all about the richness of a person’s life, including what that person accomplished and the impact that person had on people and places.

The Sun City Sundancers Club is celebrating its 20th year of dance, all due to the legacy of one petite woman whose impact was huge.  Mary Maitland Kimball, a dancer, dance instructor and mentor arrived in Sun City two decades ago and formally introduced dance to the future dancers of our community. 

Fondly called “MM”, Mary created the annual Rainbow of Rhythm show held every spring in Sun City. This year’s show is dedicated to Mary Maitland Kimball’s memory and her legacy.

This year’s Rainbow of Rhythm production is entitled “Ignite the World with Dance.” Each dance reminds one of flickering flames floating across the stage. The music is steamy, sultry and seductive.  Costumes are ablaze in color, and nothing fires the imagination or arouses passion like dance does, especially when set to enticing, hypnotic music.

The very thought of fire evokes strong feelings and emotions such as excitement, awe, warmth, and beauty. The thought of dancing also leaves one feeling those very same things.

Many of our dancers have participated in the annual performance for many years. This new year has culminated in a great deal of time spent preparing and fine tuning each dance. Most of the performers have attended dance classes via Zoom for the past two years. In-person dance classes have once again started, while wearing masks – not an easy accomplishment for many who struggle wearing a face covering. 

But the practice paid off and each routine could not be better. The instructors have taken dancers to a new level and have brought out some abilities that many of us didn’t know existed within. 

Tappers and cloggers dancers will ignite sparks across the stage as their shoes hit the floor in an entrancing, repetitive rhythm which will leave you mesmerized by its difficulty and precision.

Ballroom, ballet, jazz, and square dancing will engulf viewers with floating flickers of beauty and peace and with colorful pieces of fabric moving and swaying to the music like bits of flame. 

This event culminates in the collaboration of four chartered dance clubs: Sundancers, Ballroom, Line Dance, and the Square Dancers and Cloggers. 

“Ignite the World with Dance” will be performed at 7 p.m. April 8 and 2 p.m. April 9t. Master of Ceremonies for this performance is Gwyneth Saunders.

All performances will be held in Magnolia Hall, 114 Sun City Lane. 

Tickets are $15 per person, cash or check only, and are available at the box office, open 9 to 11 a.m. daily, and one hour prior to each performance. There is a group special for $120 for 10 people.    

To purchase tickets by phone or for additional information, call 843-645-1870.