Best bargains often come from local thrift stores

With this feature, we seek to capture a glimpse of what you and your neighbors have to say about a variety of topics, issues, events – and just plain fun questions. 

You might see us anywhere around town, with notepad and camera, randomly seeking out folks who are willing to participate. If we find you, we hope you will want to respond.

At the God’s Goods thrift store in Bluffton, we asked: “What is your all-time best, most fabulous thrift-store find?”

Ann Stout, Greensboro, N.C.: “A ladies I B KUL golf shirt with SPF 50, with long sleeves to protect your skin. They usually sell for about $90. I got it for $1.”

Maureen Entwistle, Bluffton: “Two hand-embroidered and framed sunflowers – they’re beautiful. I gave one to my daughter and kept the other.”

Kevin Carlisle, Upstate New York: “Brand-name metal serving plates; they look like pewter. They’re good to go from the oven to the table.”












Audrey Smith, Bluffton: “A small black desk that is perfect for our computer, and fits our space beautifully.”

Elaine Haddock, Brooklet, Ga.: “Today, so far, we’ve found a china cabinet, two-piece, solid wood with glass, for $50.”