Technology has allowed many of us to continue living, learning, and working from home during a difficult time. You may find that your screen time has gone up, and while our screens have kept us connected, we must remember to incorporate healthy habits into our new routines.

Here are three healthy habits to practice while using technology:

1. Limit Screen time. To the extent that we can, it is essential to limit our screen time. Our minds and eyes need breaks. So how do we know how much time we are spending looking at our screens?

There are apps and software that track and report this activity. iPhones have a Screen Time setting that tracks your daily activity and allows you to set time limits for individual apps or limit communication with specific contacts.

2. Protect your eyes. Screen time can have adverse effects on your eyes. To protect your vision, set up good lighting, and consider purchasing blue light filtering glasses. These are non-prescription or prescription glasses that block the harmful blue light that screens emit.

Not only will proper lighting and visibility protect your eyes from any long-term damage, but it will increase comfort and help reduce headaches and blurry vision.

3. Practice good posture. While it is easy to put comfort first, we must practice good posture when spending long hours at a desk. Make sure you have a comfortable seat with good back support. If you are prone to back pain, use a lumbar support pillow on your chair.

Suppose you are serious about fixing your posture. In that case, posture correctors are a small wearable device that sticks safely onto your upper back and notifies you via a vibration or an alert on the corresponding smartphone app when you are slouching.

If you want to squeeze in exercise during a busy workday, some fitness enthusiasts use desk bikes and treadmills to move while they work. Smart exercise equipment comes with a mobile app to track activity and reach your goals.

To make sure your computer and connected accessories perform at top speed, you’ll need the fastest internet in town. Make sure to ask your internet service provider if you are getting the right speed for your online activity.

Michael Cole is the general manager of Hargray.