The Town of Bluffton is seeking applicants for its Neighborhood Assistance Program, which offers repairs to homes and properties of low to moderate-income residents.

This program, which is operated through the Town of Bluffton’s Affordable Housing Committee, offers assistance with repairs for projects such as leaking roofs, unsafe floors, failing septic tanks and inaccessible private roads.

The program also assists by removing broken or unwanted items, as well as unsafe structures, from a resident’s property, ensuring local emergency services have an official address to a resident’s property, and assisting in obtaining proper paperwork for heirs’ property

“We want all of our residents to be living in a safe and dry home,” Mayor Lisa Sulka said. “As a government service, the town provides assistance for those who are trying to fix these issues, but don’t have enough funds.”

Councilman Fred Hamilton, chairman of Bluffton’s Affordable Housing Committee, said this program helps prevent the domino effect of one housing problem resulting in larger issues. “I am proud the Town of Bluffton has this service, for it helps many residents who are doing the best they can to maintain the house in which they currently live,” Hamilton said. “There is a pride in remaining in one’s home and we hope this program is a part of the solution.”

To qualify for assistance, applicants must have an income that does not exceed 60 percent of the area median income for Beaufort County. For example, a gross income of less than $43,320 for a family of four would qualify for this program.

For more information, call Brad Mole, community-business development coordinator at 843-706-7818 or