Every year since 2007, three local photography clubs – the Photography Club of Sun City, Photography Club of Beaufort, and the Camera Club of Hilton Head – have participated in the annual Tri-Club Competition, hosted each year in Sun City.

The 11th annual event was held May 3, with more than 80 entries.

“It was a chance for everyone to stretch their creativity and test their skills against other fine photographers from the other clubs,” said Sophia Schade, a member of the Sun City club.

Competition chair Tom Mills said the Beaufort had 35 percent of the entries and 65 percent of the ribbons. Sun City had 50 percent of the entries and 25 percent of the ribbons. Hilton Head had 15 percent of the entries and 11 percent of the ribbons.

Awards were given in four categories: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. Each category was awarded first, second and third place winners, as well as two honorable mentions.

“We are very proud of all the entries,” said Gracene Peluso, president of the Sun City Photography Club.

Special mention goes to Mills, a member of the Sun City club, who has been serving as the competition committee chair for years. Stan Lituchy will be taking the reins for 2019.

The winners are:


1st – Julie Kimmell, “Bridge in the Mist” (Sun City)

2nd – Tom Wilson, “Fly Me Through the Moon” (Beaufort)

3rd – Rosa McGeehin, “Reflecting Back” (Hilton Head)

Honorable Mention – Joe Skarupa, “Still Waters” (Sun City)

Honorable Mention – Mickey Romeo, “Egg on Steel” (Sun City)


1st – Gregg Hunt, “I Am Picasso” (Beaufort)

2nd – Charlotte Berkeley, “Patina” (Beaufort)

3rd – Russel Schivley, “High Wheeler” (Sun City)

Honorable Mention – Dick Eckhardt, “Golden Age” (Beaufort)

Honorable mention – Peter Ferrier, “Yesterday’s Roses” (Beaufort)


1st – Brad Mol, “Cormorant Fisherman” (Beaufort)

2nd – Joan Eckhardt, “One Old Cedar” (Beaufort)

3rd – Dorothy Mosier, “For the Love of Berries” (Beaufort)

Honorable Mention – Mary Mullen, “Eggs in Basket” (Sun City)

Honorable Mention – Stephanie Rossi, “Fog Through the Forest” (Beaufort)


1st – Paul Nurnberg, “Savannah” (Beaufort)

2nd – Everett Gauthier, “Home” (Beaufort)

3rd – Kelley Luikey, “Haute Couture” (Beaufort)

Honorable Mention – Randy Thompson, “Heading Home” (Beaufort)

Honorable Mention – Donna Varner, “A Family Affair” (Hilton Head)