It’s hard to believe it’s November. What happened to 2019? Does time travel faster the older you get? I’m getting older, so I would say yes, it does.

What’s it been like for you? Is time standing still at all, or is it always flying by you at warp speed? In either case, did you take the time throughout the year to acknowledge those special people in your life?

The Thanksgiving holiday provides that one special day where we give thanks for all the blessings we’ve received throughout the year – including those special folks.

Some people will associate Thanksgiving with football, parades, turkey and pumpkin pie; but, the real reason we celebrate this grass-roots holiday is to be thankful for what we have. Most likely it was someone in your past who helped define who you have grown up to be. If that person is still alive, why not reach out to that person and let him or her know how you feel? It will make both of you feel good.

Here’s the standard question of month: What are you thankful for? What do you take for granted? I challenge you to be completely honest with yourself and make a list of both.

I mean, it’s quite easy to take your spouse for granted from time to time; so it’s very important to acknowledge how much you appreciate all that they do.

If you have aging parents, like I do, it’s a bittersweet scenario. My parents have been so good to me and our family in so many ways. I’m forever grateful. Now it’s my turn to help them.

Last month, my Dad and I went to our Homecoming Weekend at the College of William & Mary. At 88 years young, my father needed help getting around and could only attend if someone was helping him. I was honored to be that someone.

As an often-recognized “living legend coach and professor,” my Dad had countless alumni approach him and tell a story about from 50 years ago about how he, Coach Agee, had made an impression. I wanted him to have that experience now, because we never know when life is going to change.

The bottom line here is to give thanks every day for all that you have and do your best to not take anything for granted. Show your humble appreciation to those who have helped make your life more meaningful and fulfilled.

Why not make it Thanksgiving every day of the year? You’ll get a lot more out of life if you do – even if you don’t get to eat turkey every day.

Joe Agee is the marketing and sales director for The Seabrook of Hilton Head.