Living in the South Carolina Lowcountry allows us to have a unique experience unlike any other in the country. Our climate and environment have a direct impact on our homes and the interior choices within them.

Lowcountry living is best described as an elegant casual with soft, relaxing colors and hues that bring the outside in – and the inside out.

Interior design choices are limitless, offering complete individuality and expressions of how we want to interact within our homes. Design is a personal representation of who we are and is unique to us as individuals and also as a culture.

Color: An interior’s color and the color combinations create the mood and ambience within a space. As an example, the interaction between brilliant indigo blues, stark whites and dark mahogany finishes may present a complex and intense visual dynamic. In contrast, a mixture of soft beiges, warm whites with accents of pale ocean blues simulates a serene and peaceful effect.

Furniture and finish options: There are many, many styles in furniture and design, varying in categories such as English traditional, transitional, Scandinavian, mid-century modern, and even Zen as a small sampling.

Period styles are characterized by finish, color, materials and the overall three-dimensional design of a particular piece. An example of a modern design might be a cocktail table constructed of maple with a grey wash finish and shining, chrome leg accents.

Accessories: Nothing makes a statement in a residential space more than its accessories. Accent lighting, rugs, artwork and pillows all contribute to the character and overall usage of a space. For an extra pop of interest, accentuate a soft, linen-covered sofa with a lively Moroccan print or a clean, simplistic den with an antique reproduction area rug.

Design trends: What’s hot, believe it or not, is green – deep tropical emerald greens. It’s the latest trending color introduction at the furniture market this year. Velour fabrics are also popular, with their luxurious comfortable soft finish.

Natural materials are also high on the list with grey washes and matte finishes. Last but not least is a little bit of gold glam – interior accent pieces with hints of bronze, gold leaf and crystal.

Nikki Woody is an interior designer for Moss Creek Village Furniture.