The term “labor shortage” is trending as the explanation behind businesses that have started keeping odd hours or closing altogether.

The issues being faced by commercial services and operations are mostly the same, so why are results inconsistent from business to business, sometimes within the same franchise? One location will say it’s impossible to staff while the same chain down the street is functioning at full capacity.

What’s the difference? Some say it’s management, which is part of the culture-setting equation, but we say a superior business requires a superior team.

That’s easier said than done. In today’s world, it’s harder than usual to find and keep the best people. So, the bigger question is how to develop a culture of teamwork and dedication. Having a superior team starts from the culture of the company you build internally. The tone is set from the top.

Better yet, you don’t see management as the “top” but rather as the foundation, building solid ground on which the entire team can stand. This can be accomplished through some very achievable “best practices” completely within a company’s control, like consistent team meetings, clear communication, and providing the tools they need to get the job done, as well as team connecting in events and gatherings.

Sometimes those tools include providing great training programs and having people “in the right seat on the bus,” building a full team where individuals can excel in their area of expertise, and avoid having too much on their shoulders or schedule. This kind of expert staffing is worth the cost, so competitive salary and benefits are key and incentives go a long way toward keeping great people.

Though it’s important to keep family first, when you crunch the numbers of a 40-hour work week, you spend more time with your colleagues than with your own family. That’s makes cultivating a “teamwork and dedication” culture all the more important.

Your business is there to serve your community of clients, but to do this well, the staff has to be there for one another.

The only way to get superior results is from a superior team.

Dave Miller, owner of Superior Services, has been providing residential and commercial HVAC services in the Lowcountry for 20 years.