Spring is right around the corner, and with spring comes growth. Spring is also a time of renewal, a time to redefine who you are and where you want to be.

I started a week ago exploring the need for my own personal growth. I felt as if something was holding me back, as if a force would not let me go further and would not let me dream big.

I recently started listening to different podcasts which led me to a book by Marie Forleo titled “Everything is Figureoutable.” It makes the reader aware of one’s belief systems and gives one the strength to change them if they are not servicing you.

I knew that to move forward, I had to examine the past. I knew a past false belief was not allowing me to move forward.

The life path that I chose and some of decisions along the way shaped me into who I am today and created my belief system. In the middle of this process, my identity was rocked and I felt attacked.

Understandably, I was the attacker. I had to give myself a new identity and what I wanted to put weight in.

It was really painful. It hurt and made me want to run back to the past identity, even though it was not beneficial for me. It amazed me how it really hurt.

The hardest thing to do during these growing pains is to move forward out of the pain, but that is what we are called to do. If you want a better life for yourself, you will have some growing pains.

Sometimes the pain comes from within and sometimes it comes from an outside force, such as a friend or family member.

Undoubtedly, things will be better at the end of the journey, but right now it hurts. I’ve had to identify some ugly truths about myself. I have had to move out of a victim mindset, even though I didn’t realize I had one.

I have felt the overwhelming pain of my past mistakes. I had to forgive myself and others. I have had to admit daily my faults in order to move forward in grace.

It has not been easy, but in the end, I know it will be worth it. Growing pains occur because we are leaving our old self behind and embracing a new one as if we left our best friend in the dust, but the future can only be realized through constant growth.

I encourage you to move through the pain to embrace a better future.

Holly Wright of Bluffton is a Reiki Master, reflexologist, NASM certified personal fitness trainer, and co-owner of Trinity TheraSpa in Moss Creek Village. trinitytheraspa.com