How wondrous that we can see our New Year 2023 as an unfolding of infinite possibility for each of us. Each day forthcoming is a new opportunity to move in the arena of new possibilities. A new phase of living. A new level of consciousness. 

You are invited to start this new year by setting intentions (rather than making resolutions). Ask yourself, “Who will I intend to be in this new year?” “What will be my intended actions for 2023?” “What will I let go of?”

An “intention” is defined by Merriam-Webster as, “What one intends to do or bring about.” In Unity, we call this “The Law of Mind Action” – thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.  

Putting our attention on the intended outcome(s) for 2023 and what we want to happen allows for us to create time for prayer and meditation, engaging our imagination to have eyes to see it as so. 

We allow ourselves to be Spirit-led by our inner conviction that all things work together for our highest and our best. Setting intentions is about wanting to be on purpose and letting go all that no longer serves us.

Allowing for possibilities means setting our intentions to stay present in the “now” moment. We honor the past, and all its blessings seen and unseen. It has happened. So we let it be. We mindfully choose to leave in 2022 feelings of guilt, regret, shame. 

Staying in the now moment and not living in the future allows for possibilities, too. We practice non-attachment to all the somedays  – releasing the what ifs, the when’s, etc.  We get to choose to mindfully and purposefully set our intention to live while we are alive in this moment. This is the eternal now.  

We get to set intentions that keep us reaching upward and onward, so that we will be better than our former self, full of gratitude for our journey thus far. Setting intentions means we practice patience with ourselves without self-condemnation. 

In this New Year 2023, we pick ourselves up after we fall. We get to choose to grow through each experience instead of being destroyed by it.

Every day is a day worth living and it’s worth living in a state of higher consciousness. Join me as we resolve to renew our commitment each day to the realization, wherever I Am, God is. Happy New Year.

Rev. Therese Donlan Lee is the senior minister of Unity Spiritual Center on Hilton Head Island.